BONER RAZGOUR, LAW FIRM is a boutique firm with a unique specialization in labor law

The firm was established in 2016, by attorney Ido Razgour and attorney Lior Boner, who after 8 years of representing both employers and employees through the largest labor law firm in Israel - "Rubin-Shmuelevich law offices", have now decided to embark on a new independent path.

Over the past decade, we have developed professional expertise in all fields of Israeli labor law and have acquired thorough knowledge and valuable experience in conducting legal procedures.

We accompanied and represented both private and public clients in various legal tribunals; in disciplinary procedures; in arbitration and mediation procedures; in collective bargaining and private negotiations; as well as in strikes and some of the largest labor disputes Israel has seen in recent years. These years of extensive professional development have enabled our firm to specialize in all aspects of both private and collective labor law.

Fields of expertise

Our firm offers our clients a vast variety of services, such as:

representing both employers and employees in private and collective disputes.
ongoing guidance to companies.
accompanying both companies and worker's unions in collective bargaining procedures.
representation in arbitrations and mediations.
representation in hearings and in front of discipline committees.
representation in disciplinary procedures in the public service.
representation in sexual harassment inquiry procedures and claims.
representing employees in liquidation procedures.
litigation in all Israeli labor court tribunals including in the national labor court.
and litigation in the civil courts, including in the supreme court.

In addition, the firm’s attorneys are certified mediators with extensive experience in this particular area of labor law. As such we are able to offer our services as mediators in both private and collective labor disputes.

Our vision

We believe that in the modern legal world, a law firm should present a high level of expertise and a continuous ability to learn and to keep up-to-date with all new developments in the field. For this reason, our firm specializes exclusively in the field of labor law.

Our firm offers our clients on one hand the high level of expertise that exist in major boutique law firms that specialize in labor law, and on the other hand a personal service and close support from the two senior partners of the firm.

thorough knowledge and valuable experience in conducting legal procedures and in representing both employers and employees