Israeli employees rights in the workplace

Labor laws in Israel have expansive mandatory employment legislation that standardizes all facets of employment, providing basic israeli employees rights in the workplace and protection against employer exploitation. The laws cover a wide-range of labor rights such as relations between employer-employee, employment contracts, labor agreements, labor disagreements, strikes, employee severance and benefits and more.

In accordance to labor law, employees receive within 30 days of work a written contract declaring the employment terms. The contract includes the beginning date of employment, the main features of the job, description of the employee’s duties, hours of work, details of salary, vacation days, pension and other benefits by law. 

Israeli Employees Rights Work Hours

Israel has an Hours of Work and Rest Law, which standardizes employees’ working hours, overtime work, night work and rest days as well as imbursement for each category of work.

Labor laws prescribe the number of hours of work per day according to how many workdays the employee works:  

  • 6 days a week is an 8 hour work day.
  • 5 days a week is a 9 hour work day.  

israeli employees rights work hours require that employees who work beyond the agreed upon hours be compensated for every additional hour of work.

The work day of employees working nights (after 10:00 PM starting from 2 hours) consists of 7 hours.

Employees Rights And Privileges In Israel

employees rights and privileges in israel says that every employee in Israel age 18 and above, working up to 182 hours per month is entitled to a minimum. Labor laws set the date for payment of salaries according to a monthly basis. The date is anywhere between the 1st-9th day of the following month. Beyond that date, the employer is in violation of the law and the employee is then entitled to compensation.

Employees are eligible for an annual vacation. The number of days is determined by tenure and job level with the minimum quota of 12 days for a 5 day week consisting of 9 hours a day or 14 days for a 6 day week consisting of 8 hours a day. An employee is entitled to accumulate one and a half sick leave days per full month of employment

In conclusion, israeli employees rights and responsibilities
are complicated for those who do not know them, and if you work in Israel it is important to know what you deserve and demand it from the employer

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